Martin Von Haller Grønbæk

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Martin Von Haller Grønbæk

in the recent month we have meet a lot of startups that are full on with building their own product and creating a new business. But we also meet people like Martin Von Haller Grønbæk. 
Martin is a pioneer within the Internet and web industry, as he introduced the concept of Internet law in Denmark back in 1994 and co-founded Araneum, one of the first Danish web-companies, in 1995. 
Over the last 10 years he also have co-founded several startups and new organizationssuch as and serve on a number of boards of eCommerce and IT or web companies.

Martin is working with IT and new technology from a legal and commercial perspective related to open licensing within open source, creative commons (open content), open data and open APIs.

in this 20 minute segment of our research on how startups work Martin takes us through why startups and large organisations are getting rapidly better opportunities for innovating due to the pervasive proliferation of "open business".   

Martin talks us through why businesses and organizations need to understand the concepts of openness, sharing and transparency as key elements of their business strategy. And why digital disruption is bringing about a changes in where being open is an advantage for everyone but the incumbents.